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An open group that holds events on a monthly basis hitting trails.

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Not limited to just us. We want to see from you too. Our group page is for you to share your trail experiences and RC collection.

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No Account Needed!

Unlike many other organizations, we don't require any type of membership. Our main part of the group is done through Facebook Pages and available to anyone. You don't have to be a member of PNW Trail RC or even have an account with facebook.

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PNWTRC Trail Coins

Trail Coins - A new line of competition.

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No points required, no special car setup!

PNWTRC has made a new line of competition that is based around endurance. This is not a race. Personal and car endurance, this series is to help push us to our limits and hike the entire trail with RC. 

This is an open series and requires no approval or setup. At the beginning of our events, we will scan your provided NFC tag. This is worth 5pts. When you and your RC get to the end of the Trail/Event, you will be scanned as completed. Having this check makes you another 5pts. At the end of the Trail/Event, we like to have a picture taken with the RCs that came out. Entering your RC into the picture will grant you a Trail Coin. Trail Coins are a new fun kick-back we're giving to the community. These will have many uses in the future with us like discounts, swag and many other things. These can even be freely given out or traded in the community. Participation is completely voluntary and does not impact the classic way we operate.

Make sure you have your batteries, tools, and extra parts ready!


The rules are pretty basic. 
*A RC has to make it to the end of the trail in running/driving condition.
*Coins can be given/traded in the community.
*Pick-ups are allowed at all non-driveable obstacles.

Getting Points and Coins:

Getting Points and Coins:
Attending an Event/Trail Run is worth 5 points.
Completing the Event/Trail Run is worth 5 points.
Coins are handed out when the Group Photo is taken. 1 Coin per person with rc in photo.
*2 Coins are given to those wearing PNWTRC Gear.
At the end of the year, Coins can be traded back for points. 1 coin = 5 points.


Coins can be used for various things like Swag, Discounts, and other various things released by PNWTRC.
At the end of the year, there will be something special for our top competitors.

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Next Events

Events are typically made 30 days in advance. This is to allow people to save up for the trip, clear calendars and anything else that could be done to make attendance higher.