Scale points will be applied to a DNF but not to a DNS. No items can be counted more than once unless noted otherwise*

Vehicle Points:
C3 Only:
Tuber: A tuber consists of a complete body structure where the front, cab, and rear sections are comprised entirely of structural tubework. Tube bed, roll bar, internal cage, and shock mounts points not available in addition to tuber points.
Metal Chassis -8
Plastic Chassis -4
Body Panels -1
C1, C2, C3
Full Hard Body -12
Hard Cab Only -6
Drop Bed -3
Complete custom built body: Full -4
Complete custom built body: Cab -2
Inner Fender Wells -1 Per Pair
Metal Sliders -3
Plastic Sliders -1
Bed: Not available for C3
  Metal Plastic
Tube Bed or Flatbed -3 -1
Bed Mounted Rack or Roll Bar -2 -1
Truggy -4 -2
Bumpers: (items must be chassis mounted and separate from the body)
Metal -3 Each
Plastic -1 Each
Stinger -1
Exterior roof rack/light bar: (may only choose one)
Metal -2
Plastic -1
Light Bar Mounted -1
-3D interior: (any 3D interior must include seat, dash, steering wheel and floor)
1 Seat -3
2 Seat or Bench -4
4 Seat -5
SUV Cargo Area -1
-2D/half interior:
1 Seat -1
2 Seat -2
4 Seat -3
Only available if accompanied by an interior.
Complete Figures -4
Knees Up -3
Torso Up -2
Head With Arms -1
3rd and 4th passengers -1 (max -2)
Leaf springs (front/rear) -3 Each (Both -7)
Multiple axles 3 or more -3 (4+ axles -5)
Chassis mounted steering servo -5 (front) -2 (rear) *rear= Class 3 only*
Functioning transfer case -4
3D engine: Must be in a reasonable location and appear to be powering the drivetrain of the vehicle -4
Realistic exterior items: (max -6 pts): Items that are non-functional but you would see on a trail truck.
Fuel cell, exhaust, jerry can, hubs on all wheels, steering stabilizer, disc/drum brakes on all wheels, mirrors(2), wipers(2), antenna, license plate, fire extinguisher, trail tools (Hi-lift jack, etc.) first aid, etc -1 Each (Max -6)
Functional items: (max -8 pts for all items listed below)
Tow strap, -D-ring, Pull Pal, sand ladder, hitch, opening doors and hood, spare tire mount, etc. -1 Each
Headlights(2) and taillights(2) -2
Winch -2 front, -2 rear -2 (Max -4)
Full size spare tire -3
Class Max:
Class 1 50
Class 2 40
Class 3 30
Track Points:
Back up/Reverse +1
Gate Marker +10
Hand of God +10
Did Not Finish +20
Did Not Start/No Show +50
Time Points:
Timed Out +15
Placement in order of Time +1 *
* First +0, Second +1, Third +2, Fourth +3, ETC  
Winch use 0
* Must be performed off natural objects and course.  
* Can not be held in position.  
Recovery 0
* If your car rolls over, you have 1 minute to manouver into an on-wheels position.  
* When setting up a winch, you are not allowed to move or reposition your car.