Hobbytown 24th scale comps

Now a paid event.

general information

For this new competition from Hobbytown, we are going with a buy-in event. All proceeds will go to the top winner of the class. Where First Place receives 70%, Second Place gets 20%, and third gets 10% of the buy-in.
All conestants will still go through tech-in, but class points will no longer matter. This competition is about driving skill and get a max of 5 minutes to make the course. Reverse is still One Point, Hand of God and hitting a Gate will still be Ten Points.
The competition will have a max attendance of 10 people per class. Show up early to guaruntee your position. Doors will open at 9:30am on comp days and the competition will start at 11am.

Class 1 = $2
Class 2 = $1
Class 3 = $2
Making a total cost of $5 if you're planning to run all 3 classes.