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An open group that holds events on a monthly basis hitting trails.

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Not limited to just us. We want to see from you too. Our group page is for you to share your trail experiences and RC collection.

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Unlike many other organizations, we don't require any type of membership. Our main part of the group is done through Facebook Pages and available to anyone. You don't have to be a member of PNW Trail RC or even have an account with facebook.

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Stink and wear Pink!

No points required, no special car setup!

10 Key locations around Washington for this weird event. At the start, we will follow the leader along a course. The course being 15 gates. Making your way through, you can not touch, back up, or use any line of recovery. If an obstacle cannot be made, you move past it, wait and join again at the end of the line. When a person can’t make it, they have to go to the end of the line and put on the pink hat! As more mistakes are made and people get sent to the end of the line, the hat follows too!

Ultimately, you don’t want to end the course with the Pink Hat!


Fails will send ya to the back of the line. Once you're back there, it's Pink Hat time! So try to refrain from the following: 
*1 Reverse per gate - roll backs will not count.
*Touching RC
*2nd Fail Attempt - Once a wheel goes through the gate, that is considered an attempt.
*You must pass through the gates with at least 50% axle coverage.


Each time you get the Pink Hat, you will also receive -1pts.
Ending the run with the Pink Hat is -2pts.

If there happens to be more than 1 winner, a Pink-Hat Shoot-out will occur. When this happens all winners are brought into a hard course and will be timed.


There will be 15 gates placed.
All gates will be 14” and go to a max of 16”.
*At The Start:
Cars will be lined up in order of class. Smallest to Biggest.
The person at the end of the line will need to carry the hat. (Will not count till mistakes are made.)

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