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An open group that holds events on a monthly basis hitting trails.

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Not limited to just us. We want to see from you too. Our group page is for you to share your trail experiences and RC collection.

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No Account Needed!

Unlike many other organizations, we don't require any type of membership. Our main part of the group is done through Facebook Pages and available to anyone. You don't have to be a member of PNW Trail RC or even have an account with facebook.

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Pacific Northwest Trail Remote Control. We are a large helpful hobby RC community that is always expanding. No matter what types of trails you like or the RC you play with, you're welcome to join us. Our maps system is always growing with new locations and stores. We have a special page setup to give you random locations to help discover new places to go.

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Over 250 crawling locations, stores, tracks, and camping places to take your adventure to.
Click here to add your location!

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No one likes to figure out where to go. You can use our randomizer to pick 4 locations to narrow your search down.

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Trail Coins!

The latest competition by PNWTRC


PNWTRC Merch and Custom Items. Show your support with some swag.

project 1

PNWTRC Lettering Decal

Vinyl PNWTRC Lettering Decal
Dimensions: 77x22mm

Price: $1.00
project 3


Random colored keytag featuring our group logo. Great for keychains and remotes!
Dimensions: 49x18x3mm

Price: $1.00
project 5


Boobies, did someone say boobies! A set of scale boobs to hang from your RC
Dimensions: 25x23x13mm

Price: $1.00
project 4


Puts some of these bad boys hanging from your RC!
Dimensions: 26x20x6mm

Price: $1.00
project 5

PNWTRC Thumbsteer

Open up a free hand! Now you can have a drink, operate a camera, and many more new possibilities.

Price: $5.00
project 6


Perfect for accessories or even electronics
Dimensions: 69x37x30mm

Price: $15.00
project 7

FUS Battery Tags

Got batteries? With these little tags, the guesswork is now gone. Mark them FUS - Full, Used, Storage - Sold as a set
Dimensions: 29x20x1.5mm

Price: $1.00
project 8

PNWTRC Face Mask

Keep safe and fashionable!

Price: $10.00
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project 9

Extended Shop!

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    PNWTRC Lettering Decal


  • project 2

    PNWTRC Keytag


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  • project 4



  • project 5

    PNWTRC Thumbsteer


  • project 6

    PNWTRC RC Cooler


  • project 7

    FUS Battery Tag


  • project 8

    PNWTRC Face Mask


  • project 9

    Extended Merch Shop


Who We Are?

We are a local group that enjoys the aspects of RC, Hiking, and living in the NW USA region.

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Lewis D
Josh B

Be kind out there.

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WA Directors

Pam L
Kerry F

Gone your post is, read the rules you should have.

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What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job!


Started up in Mid 2018's, we pose ourselves as an open community that hikes with our RC cars. No requirements on the setup of RC, just that you have fun. We limit ourselves to one Event a month. Made a minimum of 30 days in advance to the event. This allows everyone more time to save up and request off if needed. Completely laid back with the events. We try to give plenty of time to meet up and gather before hitting trails. Off the trail we like to help where possible. Be it painting up some bodies or lending a hand for some useful tips towards getting the car back on the trail.


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Social Sites

Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Tumblr - Twitter - Reddit - PayPal Donate - Google Maps - Discord

Next Events

Events are typically made 30 days in advance. This is to allow people to save up for the trip, clear calendars and anything else that could be done to make attendance higher. The majority of our trips do require a permit/pass. Northwest Forest and Discovery are the 2 main ones we use.
If you'd like to see a location used, feel free to msg PNWTRC to nominate a run or even add a location onto the map for future use. At the start of the event, a PNWTRC banner is displayed to mark the location of the group. As always, be respectful of what's around you. We clean as we go, "Pack it in, pack it out."

We look forward to seeing you out there!

Latest Video

We try to do our best when it comes to highlighting our adventures. More than just images shared along Social Media. Check out PNWTrailRC on YouTube as well.
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Here we have the most recent images shared back to our Social Media Accounts. Images from Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram will be seen here. We try our best to take as many images as we can during out outings. However, sometimes, we just get in the zone and forget we even have cameras and other recording equipment with us.