Pacific Northwest Trail RC

A Washington based group for trail based RC.
Open to everyone, come check us out!


Holding monthly "fun-run" events for Trail/Crawler type of RC. Open to all, no sign-up or special RC needed.


Support the community and look great with these great items offered by PNWTRC.

PNWTRC Maker Space

Sometimes we all need help. We offer a helping hand. Airbrush, Vinyl, 3D Printing, Glowforge.

Who we are

PNWTRC is a completely open RC Group. Accepting all walks of life and RC. Check out some of the lines of RC we get ourselves into.


These little guys have really taken off in recent years. Pack it along. These make great resting point play toys.

Check out the Comps at HobbyTown in Everett.
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Our main go-to size. Very capable rigs, easier to work with when handling specific terrain types.

Check out our Events that are held nearly every month!
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Rock crawling is an extreme form of off-road driving using specialized vehicles ranging from stock to highly modified to overcome obstacles. In rock crawling, drivers typically drive highly modified four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks, Jeeps, and "buggies" over very harsh terrain.

Trail Runners

Trail Runners is light off-road driving using mostly stock vehicles. In Trail Running, drivers are typically engaged in the end location. Making sure their car can handle the basics of the trail.


Bashing is a trick and jump based driving at high speeds usually on a dirt track. Drivers are usually trying to get their car around the track as fast as possible while taking jumps and landing safely.


Bouncers are an extreme form of Crawling and Bashing. In this line drivers try to navigate a course usually comprised of both dirt and boulder.

Where we go, where we've been

We encompass many areas of the Pacific Northwest for our adventures. Maps have been extended beyond just Washington State to help find even more locations. Please check reports and local laws for the activity you plan to do.
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